Persian Cat

The Persian cat has long hair and is also known by the name longhair but what do persian cats look like? Persian cats have been around since 1620 when they were imported from Persia to Europe. They have been recognised since the late 19th century when they were developed in England by breeders and after the second world war by the Americans.

They are a large to medium size breed and weigh between 7 – 12 pounds. Persian cats are known for being a quieter breed and affectionate. Persian cats have a large head with small ears and tail. Due to their short nose, thy can suffer from breathing problems. They have short thick legs with rounded paws. Their coats are long and thick with a ruff round the neck. They will require regular grooming so that their coats stay tangle free and shiny. They come in many colours with solid ones being white, black, cream, blue, lilac and chocolate. Then chinchilla colours which include silver, gold and blue. Persians also come in a variety of tabby, smoky and a mix. Their eye colours will match the colour of their coat with white one’s normally having blue eyes. The silver and gold colours will have green or blue-green and the ones that are not white but have solid eyes will normally be copper.

A Persian cat will make a good companion as although they remain inactive for a long time are an intelligent breed and will play. They are not as curious as some other breeds. They will prefer a home that is not loud with young children as they are sedate and are more suited to being an indoor cat rather than an outdoors one.